By using our system you agree to below terms and conditions

  1. All goods remain the property of Topfit Health Products Ltd until paid for in full.
  2. Products cannot be returned for credit or exchange.
  3. Completeness of delivery and any damages must be checked and reported upon delivery of the goods. Claims after 2 days from delivery may not be accepted.
  4. Topfit Health Products Ltd as the Manufacturer of your product is not responsible for the legality of your formulation, label, presentation, promotion and marketing. Your label must not state the Topfit name or address. We strongly advise our customers to seek professional advice from the Health Food Manufacturers Association, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, Food Standards Agency or Trading Standards in relation to the above and for up to date legislation.
  5. Topfit Health Products Ltd can help and advise concerning the stability of your formulation but should you want full stability testing done then a charge for this service would need to be levied. Please note however that you are legally responsible for your own formulation and product stability.
  6. Topfit Health Products Ltd idemnify products within UK and EU and cannot accept liability if products are shipped outside these areas. It is your responsibility to obtain necessary insurance cover if products are exported outside UK or EU.
  7. Topfit Health Products Ltd will charge VAT on all commercial product delivered to any UK address where applicable. You are entirely responsible for obtaining any specific VAT Clearance for your product from HMRC regardless of the VAT status of other similar product. You accept this responsibility on the understanding that Topfit Health Products Ltd have no control over how you formulate, market and re-sell product, which is a critical test as to any VAT status assessment that HMRC may conduct. Topfit advises all customers prior to taking goods to market that HMRC are contacted for advice and/or a decision on the VAT status of any product which may be ambiguous. Topfit will not provide advice on this matter and will charge VAT on manufactured product until any specific exemption is obtained in writing from HMRC, and will co-operate with you and HMRC to recover any overpayments.
  8. Any submitted logo and/or label design remains solely buyer’s responsibility in terms of trademarks, copyrights and/or ‘passing off’ tort. Topfit Health Products Ltd holds no responsibility for any logo or label design infringements.
  9. Purchase of the goods exclude any transfer of copyrights in regards to products formulated by Topfit Health Products Ltd. Topfit Health Products Ltd remains sole owner of copyrights to developed product formulations, unless rights are transferred in a written agreement. Placing a product development request and formula development will not be deemed as “work made for hire” under the 1976 Copyright Act, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  10. All deliveries of customer supplied ingredients need to be pre-advised stating what supplier is delivering, the name of the ingredient and the name of the product into which product the ingredient(s) is to be used. The ingredient(s) then need to arrive with a delivery note, Certificate Of Analysis (COA) and the product name stated again so that we can clearly identify the ingredient(s) supplied.

Changes To This Agreement

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions by posting the updated terms on the Site. Your continued use of the Site after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.