What is minimum order quantity?

For off the shelf products MOQ is 5 packs of selected product and there is minimum order value of £125. These products come in white or blue bottles and are suitable for private labeling.

If you require products to be packed in custom containers (i.e. amber) MOQ is 50 packs of selected product.

For custom formulations:

  • 10,000 capsules or tablets
  • 100kg for powders.

Do you offer custom formulations?

Yes, we can manufacture product to desired specification or formulate a new product. In the second case (custom formulation prepared by us) we require £100 formulation fee which is refundable against the first order.

MOQ for custom formulations is:

  • 10,000 capsules or tablets
  • 100kg for powders.

Can purchased products be sold on Amazon?

Yes, custom labelled products can be sold anywhere. Please note that Amazon requires unique EAN/barcode to be provided and it should be included on the label.

What is the average delivery time?

We aim to deliver ready products as soon as possible.

For off the shelf products in regular offer this should be less than a week.

For custom formulations this strictly depends on your requirements, current workload and material stock availability.

What is the cost of label design?

Label design fee is £50 per label which is refundable against the first order.

Which market your products are prepared for?

All our products and labels are prepared to conform EU legislation.

If you require labeling that conforms to FDA/US regulations we can prepare it but these products won’t be suitable for sale on UK market.